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Traffic exchange

List of traffic exchange sites


Traffic Safari


This website is great! It gives you your own sub domain as your affiliate link. This. Will make you look more professional and get you more converting customers. It is also a new company and will give people the chance to make big money in the future off downlines if you promote it as well! Click the button below to sign up free!
Traffic Safari is a site full of benefits Not only can you post banner and text ads but you can also surf traffic and get paid to do so! It is a PTC site as well which means you can click adds to get credits to advertise free or make extra cash! Click the button below Togo on a money making safari with Traffic Safari now!
Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange that offers money making opportunitys in many different ways! This traffic exchange brings good convertions rates with the traffic. Although you can earn points to advertise free the payed option has brought us much better results! Click the button below to get easy hits for your sites!

Wild Hog Hits

Traffic Bonus

Froggy Hits

Wild hog hits also lets you earn cash! It is an older site with much more members than the rest. Lots of targeted traffic will come from this site! Earn money back that was spent on advertisement or earn extra cash. Whichever way you look at it this site produces quality traffic! Click the button below to visit this site today!
If your looking for that extra bonus of traffic flowing to your website or online offer choose Traffic Bonus! Traffic Bonus offers many features that will better your campaigns! Click the button below to get visitors to your offer via Traffic Bonus!
If you want to make money and advertise Froggy Hits is the program for you. Make money surfing member ads, post banners or text links, and build downlines. This site will help you build your business from the ground up! Click the button to check out Froggy Hits now!
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